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The National symbols of Argentina are the symbols used in Argentina and abroad to represent the nation and its people. The country has a number of national symbols, some of which are extensively defined by law. List of symbols


Argentina's official and unofficial symbols including the national animal, bird, fish, flag, flower, gem, mammal, motto, nickname, coat of arms, song, seal, tree - by ...


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There are zoos (don’t even ask about the one in Buenos Aires), and then there is Argentina, which is basically one big animal wonderland.Besides the jaw-dropping views of nature afforded throughout the nation’s varied and often vertiginous terrain, there are also a slew of cool South American animals roaming around.


Taking into consideration that the core of the animal protection system in Argentina is a criminal law, figures on convictions, number of cases seen by relevant authorities, and prosecution rates would be extremely useful for the management of this subject matter in the country.


Argentina was the first country to grant rights of personhood to an orangutan and a chimpanzee. Animal mistreatment and cruelty are considered misdemeanors under the criminal code and Ley 14346, and can be reported to the police or to the prosecutor’s office by any person.


Argentina is rich in animal species. The coast of Patagonia is home to elephant seals, fur seals, penguins, and sea lions. The waters off the Atlantic are home to sharks, orcas, dolphins, and salmon. In the north, there are many large cat species such as the cougar, jaguar, and the ocelot. There are also crocodiles and caiman.


Chilean flamingos, however, inhabit lakes across Argentina, all the way down to Tierra del Fuego in the far south. Read about other intriguing animals in Argentina. For further information about animals in Argentina, check out our guide to the animals you can expect to see in the central grasslands, a region of fertile plains and diverse wildlife.


The national animal of Argentina is Rufous Hornero. It is also the national bird of Argentina, and it’s second English name is red ovenbird. Argentina’s national animal, Rufous Hornero, are members of the genus Furnarius family Furnariidae, endemic to eastern South America.


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