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The geography of Argentina describes the geographic features of Argentina, a country located in southern South America (or Southern Cone). Bordered by the Andes in the west and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east, neighboring countries are Chile to the west, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, and Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast.


Argentina is a country in South America bordering the Southern Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring countries include Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Argentina's continental area is between the Andes mountain range in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east.


Argentina is bordered by Bolivia for 582 miles, Brazil for 785 miles, Chile for 4,158 miles, Paraguay for 1,573 miles and Uruguay for 336 miles. The South Atlantic Ocean also borders Argentina for 3,100 miles. Argentina is the second largest country in South America, with Brazil being the first.


No countries. Rio de Janeiro is on the Atlantic Coast, Eastern Brazil, very far from Brazil's neighboring countries. If you are in Rio de Janeiro, you have to cross other Brazilian states to ...


This article deals with the diplomatic affairs, foreign policy and international relations of Argentina.At the political level, these matters are officially handled by the Ministry of Foreign Relations, also known as the Cancillería, which answers to the President.The Minister of Foreign Relations, since June 2016, is Chancellor (es: Canciller) Jorge Faurie.


Argentina is an independent state and a republic which occupies much of the southern part of South America. With an area of 2,780,400 km², it is the 8th largest country in the world and the second-largest country in South America (after Brazil).Compared it is slightly larger than 5 times the size of France, or about 4 times the size of Texas. ...


Argentina has borders with five countries. In the west there is a long border with Chile. In the north there are borders with Bolivia and Paraguay.


Argentina was populated by scattered groups of Indians when the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci arrived in 1502; he was followed in 1516 by Juan Díaz de Solís of Spain; he was quickly killed by Indians and his expedition failed.. Over the next few decades the Spanish continued their quest to build settlements here, but most were temporary and quickly abandoned, as the indigenous Indians ...


Brazil has many borders; lets analyse the map. * Argentina * Uruguay * Paraguay * Bolivia * Peru * Colombia * Venezuela * Suriname * Guyana * French Guiana These are the countries bordered by Brazil. Brazil’s borders, politically, are quite unique...


Neighbouring countries of Argentina Interactive map: Simply click the numbered red markers to open the respective country. Neighbouring countries of Argentina 1. Bolivia 2. Brazil 3. Chile 4. Paraguay 5. Uruguay More Information on Argentina Find detailed information on Argentina. Other countries in South-America