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Argentina National Flower Erythrina cristina galli (Ceibo) is the National flower of Argentina. The Erythrina is a South American tree, with carmine red flowers and a crooked trunk. Locally Erythrina is called as ceibo, sebo or bucar. Common names of Erythrina include, Cockspur Coral Tree, Cock's Comb, Common Coral Tree, Cry-Baby Tree. Kingdom


The National symbols of Argentina are the symbols used in Argentina and abroad to represent the nation and its people. The country has a number of national symbols, some of which are extensively defined by law. List of symbols


The cockspur coral tree flowers from October to April, making this the best time to see its startling red blooms in all their glory. Where to see it. The Argentina national flower grows in tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, including in neighboring Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay.


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The ceibo whose scientific name is Erythrina crista-galli is the National Flower of Argentina. The 23 of December of 1942 by the decree 138.474 of the Executive Power was declared like so by Argentine the ceibo also is known by the names of, gallito or bucaré …


Ceibo Argentina Flower. It is the National flower of Argentina. The ceibo is a South American tree that grows between 8 and 10 meters high, it has carmine red flowers and a crooked trunk. It was declared the National Flower of the Republic of Argentina on December 2, 1942.


Erythrina cristina galli is the scientific name for Argentina's national flower, which is produced on a tree of the same name. Native to South America, ceibo trees are found along swampy riverbanks, wetlands and low-lying floodplains. Coral-colored flowers appear on the tree in October and bloom from the months of November to February.


its called the ceiboThe National Flower Of Argentina Is The Ceibo Though The Real Scientific Name Is The Enrythrina Cristina-Galli.


It is known by several common names within South America: ceibo, seíbo , corticeira and the more ambiguous bucaré, to name a few. Its specific epithet crista-galli means "cock's comb" in Latin. The ceibo is the national tree of Argentina, and its flower the national flower of Argentina and Uruguay.


The National Flower of Argentina is Erythrina Cristina Galli also called it cockspur or coral tree and commonly known as (Ceibo).Its scientific name is Erythrina. It belongs to the family of a Fabaceae order of Fabales and kingdom of Plantae.