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Sinkhole Areas in Florida and What is a Sinkhole? At its most basic, a sinkhole is a depression or hole formed when there is some type of collapse or depression of the surface layer of the earth. Serious sinkholes can destroy entire houses and even neighborhoods.


If you are south of the Tampa/Lakeland/Orlando area, better chance of avoiding sinkholes. Seem to be a lot along that general line. Up north in Florida, again doesn't seem to be as many as the topography changes.


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Sinkholes of Charlotte County, Florida , 1948 to 2007 This map was created by FCIT and represents reported sinkhole events in Charlotte County based on data gathered by the Florida Geological Survey (FGS) and the Florida Sinkhole Research Institute (FSRI) between 1948 and 2007.


Florida sinkhole reopens two years after it swallowed a sleeping man and killed him. Sinkholes can affect any home in Florida according to sinkhole experts from the state. The area around Tampa Bay, especially Hillsboro County is particularly active. Over 500 sinkholes have been reported there since 1974 when they started keeping track.


Orlando is one of the state’s safer zones to set up shop, when it comes to avoiding catastrophic sinkholes.


This map from the U.S. Geological Survey shows the various water-soluble rock underlying different areas of the United States that are prone to sinkhole formation (Description of map and colors in SHNS map courtesy U.S. Geological Survey). Sinkhole damages are the highest in Florida, Texas ...


Seffner is in the heart of Florida's so-called Sinkhole Alley, the counties of Pasco, Hernando and Hillsborough in the west central area of the state, close to Tampa, which accounted for more than ...


Know the Common Signs of Sinkholes in Florida. As a homeowner or business owner, it is important to know the common signs of sinkholes in Florida. Most sinkholes give early warning signs before they create become a serious threat. Look for the common signs of sinkhole activity such as: Cracks in interior joint areas; Cracks in stucco or ...


Areas prone to collapse sinkholes. The map below shows areas of the United States where certain rock types that are susceptible to dissolution in water occur. In these areas the formation of underground cavities can form, and catastrophic sinkholes can happen.