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Most sinkhole discoveries in Florida occur along a three-county swath known as "sinkhole alley" in central Florida, according to business media outlet Quartz. Hernando, Hillsborough and Pasco counties combined accounted for 68 percent of Florida's insurance claims regar...


Sinkholes are depressions or holes that form on the Earth's surface when the ground below erodes away. Sinkholes often indicate the presence of tunnels or caverns below the ground.


Sinkholes, including the ones in The Villages, are the result of a localized collapse of the stone ceiling of an underground chamber. This is usually caused when acidic rainwater seeps through the ground and weathers away the soft, chemically reactive stone below, creat...


The State of Florida's Department of Environmental Protection and the University of South Florida's Center for Instructional Technology offer maps of Florida's sinkholes on their websites, as of 2015. Claim Assistant LLC provides a sinkhole locator from its website base...


The Tampa Bay area has been the site of two large sinkholes in recent years. A chasm that suddenly appeared in March 2013 killed a man. In July 2014, a sinkhole caused chaos in a nearby residential area.


Sinkholes form when water erodes the supporting bedrock away. They are more common in areas where carbonates, including dolomite and gypsum, formed as water evaporated to create bedrock.


Sinkholes are most common in regions where the rock below the land's surface is soluble. They are particularly common in Central Florida because the area sits on large amounts of limestone. Other states where sinkholes are common include Alabama, Kentucky, Texas, Missou...