Switzerland is the country with the telephone country code 0041. The 00 part of the number indicates it is an international number. The 41 code belongs exclusively to Switzerland. More »

An area code is a three-digit number that identifies the geographic area where a phone number is assigned. The United States, Canada and specific Caribbean countries have area codes. More »

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The 578 area code is one of the unassigned codes for the North American Numbering Plan, which encompasses the United States, Canada, certain Caribbean nations and U.S. territories. The use of a phone number with a 578 ar... More »

Country code 86 refers to the international telephone country code for calls being made to phone numbers within China. Telephone numbers within China are further divided at the city level, with each receiving a unique se... More »

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There is no telephone country code “97,” however there are several telephone country codes that begin or end with these numbers. The countries with codes beginning with "97" are primarily in the Middle East. More »

A country code on Skype is an international dialing code that represents a country. When a person wants to call an international number through Skype, he must select his country code from a drop-down list or add it manua... More »

Ireland's country code is 353, which allows a person to call Ireland from another country. Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, west of Great Britain. Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and the 20... More »

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