A worm is not classified as an insect because it does not contain the characteristics defined by the scientific classification system for insects. Worms are tubular and do not contain legs or properly segmented bodies, t... More »

Insects belong to the largest phylum of the animal kingdom and are called arthropods. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, insects are members of the Arthropoda phylum and make up 84 percent of all the known animal... More »

Mild cases of ringworm are best treated by over-the-counter, antifungal topical medications, such as Lotrimin AF and Lamisil AT, according to Mayo Clinic. If the fungal infection is more severe, or the infected individua... More »

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A worm's excretory system is different because it has excretory organs in almost every segment of its body. The system is made up of coiled tubes called nephridia that open into the body cavity. More »

A worm’s head is located at the end of the worm closest to the part of the body called the clitellum. Worms travel head first, extending their heads when crawling. It’s easy to determine where a worm's head is by observi... More »

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Flatworms, roundworms and segmented worms are actually examples of three very different species of worm, with the only major similarity between all three being that they are all classified as worms. Some species do share... More »

Build a worm farm by outfitting an opaque, vented storage container with shredded newspaper, a few handfuls of soil, crushed egg shells, and fruit and vegetable scraps. Add the worms, cover the container and add more scr... More »

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