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A two-headed black rat snake with separate throats and stomachs survived for 20 years. There are several preserved two-headed snakes on display in the Museum at the Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta. A two-headed boa constrictor was born in a pet shop in Hayward, California, in May 2009.


In this episode of #realorfake, we have a bizarre looking two headed snake that could be real.An alien looking fish monster that could be fake. An alien looking creature caught on tape in Portugal ...


Two headed snakes are real, as are other two headed animals. Usually they are mutants. Be careful when you see a picture or video of one, it could be fake.


Is the two headed snake one snake—or two? Advertisement We reached out to a number of experts on the subject—people who have studied snake biology and examined these poly-domed animals up-close.


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The two-headed monsters of myth may have a basis in reality. Two-headed snakes are rare but not unheard of, and one recently found in Spain is giving scientists an opportunity to study how the ...


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The oldest two-headed snake on record lived to be nearly 20 years of age; possibly due to its relative independence compared to other two-headed snakes. This particular black rat snake sported not only two distinct heads, but also two separate throats and stomachs.


While most polycephalic snakes have a short lifespan of only a few months, one two-headed rat snake reportedly lived for 20 years. Chinese cobras usually grow to a length of between 1.2 and 1.5 ...


Snakes with multiple heads are rare, but not as rare as you might think. Snakes have a unique body that makes it easier to live with multiple heads. So we ask the question, is this snake real or fake.