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As I was reading my blog reader this morning, I came upon a post by Gluten-Free Philly announcing that General Mills has come out with a new version of Cookie Crisp and this one has no gluten containing ingredients! The cereal is Sprinkles Cookie Crisp.


All about Gluten Free (Boxed) Cereals. ... is trix cereal gluten free (243) is kix cereal gluten free (206) list of gluten free cereals (164) Filed in: Breakfast, Featured, Gluten Free 101, Gluten Free 101: Recipes, Resources and Other Fun Stuff, Kid Favorite Gluten/Allergy Free Products, Kids.


Trix Cereal (regular): General Mills has reformulated this cereal and new boxes now contain gluten. Read the label. If wheat starch is listed as an ingredient, it is NOT GLUTEN FREE. If there is no wheat starch on the label, it's part of the old formulation (which may be on the shelves for the next half year) and it is gluten free.


I caught online when looking for other ingredients that Trix and Kix were technically gluten free. Rejoice! I can eat something! (It's made with something called "whole grain corn") I can't seem to find anything that says whole grain corn has gluten, but I'm up at 1 am now feeling pretty shitty.


Notably, the gluten-free parfaits with granola are not gluten-free (they contain regular oats and barley malt). Yoplait products are tested to 20 parts per million. If you have kids, GoGurt and Trix both are Yoplait products, and there are many of both on the gluten-free list.


Excited about exploring the 10 gluten-free cereals you didn't know about? So am I. For y'all who have extra time in the morning or are in the mood of mix-and-match, feel free to check out the gluten-free pancakes, high-protein chocolate cookies, pumpkin muffins, and crepes that we've prepared specially for you!


This makes plain yogurt 100% gluten free, naturally. However, once you start adding flavors and additives to the yogurt, that becomes the tricky part as some flavors and yogurt brands contain gluten. If only there was a resource to help narrow down all the gluten free yogurt choices…? Thankfully, you’re in luck! Ultimate Gluten Free Yogurt ...


General Mills: Trix cereal. Trix is fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, and made from whole grain.. It's also a good source of calcium. But it's those fruity flavors, isn't it, that makesTrix a fun and healthy way to start the day?. Raspberry red.


Going gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean low carb or low sugar — yes, wheat products are loaded with carbs, but so are many gluten free flours and sweeteners. If you’re jonesing for a bowl of low carb cereal, then here are some satiating options you can make from home.


Our experts provide the facts on gluten sensitivity: what it means to eat gluten-free, an overview of Celiac Disease, and how versatile, brand name General Mills products can win with your gluten-free patrons.