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Unfortunately the Total Gym does not come with Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley as accessories but it is a good equipment for doing what I call "assisted bodyweight" exercise. I cal it assisted bodyweight since your bodyweight is your resistance and the assist is by modifying the angle of the board to increase the resistance of a fixed weight.


Skepticism is natural as with all “as seen on TV” products. The Total Gym should be no exception. With slick celebrity marketing with Chuck Norris and Christy Brinkley on numerous advertisements, the Total Gym may push the “too good to be true” button for some people. However, the good news is the Total Gym is far from a fitness gimmick.


The Total Gym XLS is the flagship product of Total Gym’s range. There’s a good chance you’ve seen it or one of it’s predecessors on the TV, the infomercials featuring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley have been getting on my nerves for years now, but I’ll try and put my feelings for their shameless plugging to one side in my Total Gym XLS review below.


Another thing to look out for before buying any total gym is if it has any folding capabilities. The vast majority of total gyms available have some kind of folding frame that turns it from a usable piece of exercise equipment into a neat little package. If you have a small home this is something you will want to consider getting without a doubt.


total gym is good depending on what point you are in your life and what you hope to achieve from working out, i have one and like it doesnt build alot of muscle free weights are way better, total gym is just bodyweight movements and not even good ones its good for really young children and probably older individuals who cant much excercises ...


Are home gym machines like the Bowflex and the Total Gym any good? Here's my personal experiences with them... Free Muscle Building Program: http://leehaywar...


If you found your way to this page and its accompanying video, you’re probably wondering if Total Gym can provide a bonafide strength building opportunity. From our experience with the Total Gym, the answer is definitely yes. We have been testing it for about a week in the "PEERtrainer Lab" and we have a couple good observations. The first is that if you can find a place to keep it (gara...


The Total Gym Official Store for Home Gyms and Home Exercise Equipment including the Total Gym Supreme, Total Gym XLS, Total Gym FIT and Total Gym GTS. Looking to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle or just improve your health? Total Gym can help.


I've used the Total Gym for 10 years. Here is my review, including pros and cons. ... I’ve had the same Total Gym for over 10 years now, and it still works just as good as the day I bought it, with all of the original parts still intact. I have rarely gone more than a few days in all of those years without using it, so it has had a lot of use.


The Bowflex Home Gym: What It Is. The Bowflex Home Gym is a resistance exercise machine used for building strength and muscle. It was first patented by an engineering student in San Francisco in 1979.