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I'm making chutney out of last years courgettes and runner beans today to make some room on the freezer for this years I can't remember if I packed them in bags of the right weight for this or not. My husband says things weigh the same whether they're frozen or not but I thought things were heavier when they're frozen.


So, back when it was frozen, it would also weigh more. So, about your question, you probably realize now that it was vague. If you asked if "substances were more dense when frozen?" the answer would be: "In most cases yes, but water is a major exception. It is less dense while frozen, that's why it floats on water.


ELI5: Why do frozen things "feel" heavier than non-frozen items? ELI5: Why do frozen things "feel" heavier than non-frozen items? (self.explainlikeimfive) submitted 3 years ago by _Whambam. Why do food items seem to feel heavier than things which aren't frozen (or that have thawed)?


Frozen meat weighs more than thawed meat, because the water and other liquids emerge as the meat thaws. Some meat manufacturers include an absorbent surface inside the packaging to soak up this liquid so it does not spill when the consumer opens the package. Poultry and meat are made of bone, fat, connective tissue and muscle.


Well, relativistically speaking, there is less molecular motion in frozen milk (or frozen anything) than there is in liquid milk. Less molecular motion (in ordinary terms, less heat) means less energy, and less heat means less mass according to Einstein’s famous equation E = mc^2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared).


Thawing out frozen food can make it lose water by drainage, then it will weigh less. For example thawing shrimp or fish will create a puddle, but thawing out frozen french fries won't. Freezing food in itself does not add any weight as compared to the raw food before freezing it.


Does Ice Weigh More Than Water? does water weigh more frozen is ice heavier than water does ice weigh the same as water are things heavier when frozen how much does ice weigh is frozen water heavier weight of ice


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Usually, when a frozen fish is thawed on the countertop (at least in my house) water vapor condenses on it, first making white frost, and then it melts, leaving a puddle of water around the fish. The frozen fish itself may have little ice crystals which will melt and flow away.


A set amount of a substance has a constant number of atoms and going through a phase change does not change the number of atoms, so the mass of water remains the same when it freezes. The mass of any substance is the same when it changes phase fro...