Male fairies are simply called fairies. There is no gender distinction. According to folklore, however, there are dozens of types of fairies, and a number of these types are primarily or exclusively male. More »

Gray Fullbuster is an Ice-Make and Devil Slaying Mage member of the Fairy Tale Guild and Team Natsu in the anime and manga series "Fairy Tale." He is one of the main male protagonists. More » Art & Literature Comics & Anime

Common features of fairies are their small size, ability to fly, possession of magical powers and a proclivity to interfere with humans. Fairies are tiny supernatural beings that have been part of folklore for centuries. More » World View Paranormal

There is no credible evidence that fairies, in the form of small magical beings, are real. However, fairies and stories of fairies may be based on ancient religious beliefs and even real ancient indigenous people. More »

Gothic fairies are mostly depicted as females and typically have long, flowing hair that is either dark or ghostly white. They traditionally have pale skin with either soft, earthy eye makeup or heavy, smoky eye makeup. ... More » Art & Literature Folklore Mythology

Popular folklore does not stipulate one particular method of mermaid reproduction. Folklore depicts mermaids as creatures who live in the sea and have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a fish. To explain th... More »

The Greek god Zeus feared nothing because he was the king of the Olympic pantheon and ruled over gods, men and monsters. Before his rise to supreme power, his mother protected him from his father. When Zeus grew strong e... More »