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Stingrays are not very active and tend to graze on many different smaller animals throughout the day. Stingrays will eat about 3 pounds of fish, shrimp, smaller fish and scallops per day. ...


Stingray is also sold as a cheap imitation scallop. It is used best when grilled, or broiled with some oilve oil and salt/pepper. Curried dishes, pad thia, are also both good uses for stingray, as is a cream based soup, it produces a slightly sweet mellow flavor in the soup.


Can you eat stingray? General Freediving Area. Scallops taste nothing like any kind of ray we have here. Stingray does taste like shark, and can get ammonia smell if you dont take care of it,but has stringy tough meat, nothing like a scallop and the grain runs the wrong way.


With a moist texture similar to scallops, stingray is a perfectly edible fish, although it tends to be caught be accident rather than by design. If buying the fish unprepared, go for a fish with a two-foot wingspan, which will yield the best meat; smaller, and there is hardly enough meat to get excited about, while ...


Stingray diet can be varied and diverse. "What do stingrays eat" is the critical issue so that you can have a good strategy when fishing.


How to Catch a Stingray. Before you can try Stingray, you first have to catch one. Lucky for you, they are an easy fish to catch! Stingrays are like saltwater catfish in that they are bottom feeders that will eat pretty much anything that they can put in their mouths. A few top choices include, dead or live shrimp, cut Ladyfish, and live finger mullet.


The malays are able to use the meat from fish perceived as not nice eating with the use of ingredients like sambal, asam, curries etc to make them more palatable. You wont taste the fish but at least they can eat any fish purely as a source of protein in a often poor diet in the not so well off kampongs.


Stingray has such elegance gliding in water or remaining dormant buried in sand. These tame and curious relation of sharks are cartilaginous fish and some species are reported to be endangered. The most coveted parts are the fleshy wings (flaps), ...