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I am really tired of this question. For a change, I'll let you decide yourself instead of throwing a bunch of arguments. I included all main Spanish actors from all the big films and series on Spanish TV and cinema of the past decade, there's enou...


Spaniards: Are Hispanics since most of them have Spanish as the very first language used at home. Spaniards: Some are caucasian, some are not, as much as in Latin America, just that many of them mixed with Arabs and Gypsies nor with Amerindians as we in Latin America did.


Spaniards, or the Spanish people, are an ethnic group native to Spain. Within Spain, there are a number of nationalisms and regionalisms, reflecting the country's complex history and diverse culture.Although the official language of Spain is commonly known as "Spanish", it is only one of the national languages of Spain, and is less ambiguously known as Castilian, a standard language ...


White Latin Americans, White Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Spanish Americans, Portuguese Americans, Italian Americans, French Americans In the United States, a White Hispanic [3] is an American citizen or resident who is racially white and of Hispanic descent and/or speaks the Spanish language natively .


Yes, the natives of Spain are caucasians Spaniards colonize Philippines for almost 333 years. The Filipinos thought that Spaniards are undefeatable but when the British came here in the ...


Most Spanish people are white/caucasian-- unless they are descendants of another race. ie. If their family moved to Spain from Japan they are still Spanish but of Japanese ethnicity.


Hispanic refers to the Iberian Peninsula, home of Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar and parts of France. The Romans called this region Hispania. The term Hispanic later extended to the places and groups in the new world that were conquered and colonized by the Spaniards.


I'm white in Barcelona but in Los Angeles I'm Hispanic? PRI's The World. October 28, 2015 · 4:45 PM EDT ... who talk about "white people" as a group to which I do not belong.


Spanish people are white. Mexicans have a mixed ethnic history of Spaniards crossed and American Indians, so they are a separate ethnic group from Mexicans and other Latinos. Also skin color doesn ...


Hispanic is considered an ethnicity, not a race, in the United States; therefore, Hispanics may also consider themselves Caucasian. Others may consider themselves ethnically Hispanic and racially black. The U.S. Census form lists “Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin" as a separate question from the question asking about a person's race.