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Pretzels are crunchy, low in fat and portable, but they're not necessarily healthy. A quick glance at the nutrition label on a package of pretzels reveals that they're quite low in fat, but many consumers choose to stop there and opt for pretzels as a supposedly healthy snack.


Pretzels aren't the best sources of these vitamins and minerals, but at least there is something good in your pretzel snacking. Salt is one of the biggest downsides to eating pretzels. While sodium is a necessary part of your diet, you don’t actually have to add it to any of your foods to get the proper amount.


Pretzels are one of best snacks when it comes to fat content. A 100-gram serving of hard pretzels, or about 16 pretzels depending on their size, has just three grams of total fat and no cholesterol. A significant amount of the fat -- 88 percent -- consists of healthy unsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol.


Pretzels are a tasty and popular snack for those on the go, but many people wonder if they're healthy. This article explains what pretzels are and discusses whether they're healthy.


Pretzels You may think that with only 1 gram of fat per serving, pretzels are a virtuous snack choice. However, pretzels are essentially refined carbohydrates that offer barely any nutritional ...


Are you going to eat that? 7 foods you may think are healthy, but aren't. ... PRETZELS They’re the go-to snack food for school kids. ... Flavored cakes only add fat, which can be the bad ...


Today’s question: can dogs eat pretzels? Are pretzels good or bad for dogs? Scroll down for detailed answers. Pretzels are enjoyed by most everyone in most every location. The fact that pretzels do not need to grow and are not dependent upon weather makes the pretzel such a universal food that no one is immune to their temptations.


Pretzels are a great snack, but are they actually healthy? Here's what you need to know about pretzel nutrition, plus the healthiest pretzel brands to buy.


For some people, eating gluten-free is a necessity. But for those who think "gluten-free" means weight loss-friendly, beware the health halo. A pretzel offers very little in the nutrition department — gluten-free, organic, or otherwise — and it's easy to fall for the claims.


Pretzels Pretzels have a healthy image, but a glance at the ingredients list reveals that their wholesome reputation is grossly undeserved. Nearly every brand is made from the same basic ingredients: white flour (wheat flour that’s been stripped of its nutrients and fiber), yeast, salt, and maybe some vegetable oil or corn syrup.