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The sprouts, or eyes, of a potato contain solanine, which can be toxic to humans in even small amounts; therefore, potatoes that have sprouted should be discarded and not eaten, as noted by the National Institute of Health's MedlinePlus. Potatoes that are green below th...


In general, it's safe to eat raw potatoes, but it isn't recommended. Uncooked potatoes do have the potential to be harmful.


Potatoes can be frozen by following a few handy steps. Prior to freezing, briefly scald the potatoes in hot water or steam. This process, called blanching, preserves the color, flavor and texture of the potato.


According to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, potatoes can be frozen. However, placing potatoes in the freezer can impact their taste and quality. Raw potatoes should be washed and heated through before storing them in the freezer.


Jerusalem crickets, also known as potato bugs, can bite humans, but they don't release any poisonous venom. Jerusalem crickets typically bite when they feel threatened. Fortunately, their bodies don't contain glands for producing harmful toxins.


Raw olives are not poisonous. However, they have a bitter taste before they are processed. They are typically cured using one of several methods that remove the bitter substance oleuropein. Curing methods include the use of liquid brine and drying between salt layers.


It is possible to get sick by eating raw potatoes if the potatoes contain bacteria, such as E. coli, listeria or salmonella. The consumption of raw potatoes on a regular basis can lead to toxic alkaloid levels in the body, which can lead to vomiting, cramping, headaches...