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The list of vehicle components to be checked during a vehicle inspection varies by state, but always includes safety items, such as brakes, seat belts, lights, electrical systems and wheel assembly. A vehicle inspection check also inspects a vehicle's exhaust, fuel and emission systems. Most states


Vehicle inspection requirements vary by state, but when required, they are usually mandated every 12 months, or when vehicle ownership changes hands. In some states, such as New York, vehicle inspection stickers must be displayed on the car, along with an indication of emissions inspection. Cars can


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation institutes a series of safety tests for all passenger cars and light-duty trucks that need registration in the state. These safety inspections include checks of the vehicle’s lighting and electrical systems, mirrors, windshield washer, defroster, wipers,


Some state transportation agencies provide vehicle inspection forms on their websites, such as the New York State and Pennsylvania Departments of Transportation and the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. The forms include salvage inspection reports, wrecker inspection reports and driver inspe


Information about vehicle registration in Pennsylvania is available from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation via their Driver and Vehicle Services Customer Call Center. The number for in-state residents is 800-932-4600, while those living in other states should call 717-412-5300. The Penns


A vehicle safety inspection form is the document a vehicle safety inspector uses to record whether or not a vehicle's electrical, mechanical and physical components are consistent with minimum safety requirements. Actual forms and layouts differ from inspector to inspector.


The vehicle’s brakes, headlights, indicators, steering and suspension systems, tires, wheels and rims must be in excellent condition. The mirrors, horn, windshield, windshield wipers, and exhaust system should be working properly, and the rear license plate should be illuminated. The hood latch, dri


Some vehicle inspection regulations include the requirement to obtain a vehicle safety inspection at a operator licensed by the state's Department of Motor Vehicles every 12 months or when the vehicle is sold or transferred to another person. States such as New York require vehicle owners to display


Vehicle inspection templates are available at DoForms.com and AtYourBusiness.com. DoForms has a selection of inspection forms for a variety of different vehicles, including cars, buses and planes, while At Your Business has one all-purpose form that users can edit for the needs of different vehicles


Most daily vehicle inspection report forms require the driver to note the piece of equipment or function that requires repair by checking the appropriate box on the DVIR form. In the event a vehicle or piece of equipment requires repair, mark the appropriate box on the DVIR with any applicable notes