Owls are associated with intelligence, but they are actually not as intelligent as some other birds. These birds are better known for their sharp senses, which help them identify prey and give them good night vision. More »

In Chinese astrology, the rooster symbolizes keen observation and practical thinking. Roosters also represent a need for control and perfectionism. Personality traits of individuals born under the sign of the rooster inc... More »

There are several ways of keeping crows away from your home; these methods include securing trash bins and containers, laying out bird netting, using bird harassment techniques and setting up scare devices. Crows typical... More »

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One interesting fact about owls is that they are birds of prey, which means they hunt other animals to eat. Their eyes are large and face forward, and their ears are asymmetrical, with one ear being slightly higher or la... More »

Like all birds of prey, owls are carnivores. Most live by hunting small mammals such as hares, rats and mice, but they are also known to catch and eat other birds. Very small owls, such as the elf owl, feed mostly on ins... More »

Snowy owls eat mammals, such as rabbits and rodents, and other birds. The snowy owl swallows its prey whole when it eats and hunts during the day. More »

Great horned owls feed primarily on small- to medium-sized mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Rabbits and hares are statistically the great horned owl's most frequent prey. Rodents, rats, squirrels, mice, lemmings ... More »