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Are Owls Actually Wise? BY Anna Green. October 22, 2015. iStock. For thousands of years, from Ancient Greek legend to modern literature and TV, humans have portrayed owls as sage and wise.


In Greek and Roman mythology, owls were associated with education, intellect and magic, probably because of their wide eyes, solemn expression and ability to see through darkness [sources: Cornell, Lewis]. But are owls actually wise? As it turns out, not so much.


Wise As An Owl Are owls the smartest birds? According to trainers that work with them, not by a long shot. Parrots are easy to train and can have extensive vocabularies. Hawks can be taught to retrieve objects. Even pigeons are used in behavioral studies and can be conditioned to obtain a reward by carrying out certain actions.


People have associated owls with wisdom since before recorded history. Curiosly, this belief evolved separately in several different cultures. Owls, as night birds, are shrouded in mystery and are apt to become depositories for superstitions, just...


Is the owl really wise? This is a common misconception due to the owl always being depicted as wise in human culture. In actuality, owls are pretty much on the same intellectual level as most ...


The owl is not a wise animal. For its size, the owl has a small brain, and in fact, is not as smart as geese, crows, and ravens. However, from ancient times, people have used the owl as a symbol of wisdom.


The owl is regarded as a wise creature in a variety of mythologies. Its most famous designation as a wise creature in Western culture comes from Aesop's Fables.


It means someone is really smart. In lots of stories and myths, owls were associated with wisdom. So being "as wise as and owl" basically means you are as smart as a mythical owl genius.


Best Answer: The "wise owl" myth is based entirely on an owl's appearance related to human perception. Owls are not very bright because they do not need to be. They have excellent night vision and special feathers to swoop down on prey quietly.


Owls are almost famous for their wise appearance, because their intelligent eyes glow and they stare so intensely. ... Owls can actually make many different sounds – they can screech, hiss, and even growl! Believe it or not, the female owl is more aggressive and bigger than the male owl.