A mushroom is a fungus and fungi are not vegetables. Vegetables are grown from seeds and rely on sunlight for growth. Mushrooms are grown from microscopic spores in a dark environment. More »

Mushroom sauce can feature almost any type of edible mushroom, depending on the cook's taste preference. Typical supermarket mushrooms, such as white button and cremini make for a milder sauce, while more uncommon chante... More »

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Mushrooms are a fungi often grouped with vegetables. According to WebMD, different varieties offer both health benefits and risks. Some mushrooms are safe to eat or use for medicinal purposes, while others are dangerous ... More »

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Some of the best non-starchy vegetables for people on a diet include peppers, carrots, leeks, onions, mushrooms, cucumbers, beets, artichokes, bean sprouts, asparagus and okra. Fresh vegetables are always better than can... More »

Get rid of lawn fungi by pulling up mushrooms as soon as they appear, the San Francisco Chronicle advises. This prevents spore dispersal and the growth of more mushrooms. More »

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Most mushroom varieties produce the first fruits within 10 days. Mushrooms continue to reproduce after they are harvested, and growers can harvest up to three times in a three-month period. More »

The basic morphology of a fungi takes place in two different methods: the release of spores, and by individual cells that multiply by a process known as budding, or fission. More »