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Mosquitoes are attracted to UV lights. This is because they use light to navigate in the dark and hunt their prey. They confuse artificial lights for the light of the stars and moon, which they would normally use.


Mosquitoes are primarily attracted to carbon dioxide, a waste product exhaled from the lungs. They also seek out warm, moving bodies. If given a choice, they prefer to bite people who produce high levels of lactic acid, uric acid or cholesterol byproducts in the skin.


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Plants do not require UV radiation from the sun. In fact, it can cause poor growth or death by damaging plant proteins and DNA. To mitigate the threat, they display a complex response switched on by a UV-sensing protein molecule.


Mosquitoes live around the world in almost every type of ecosystem. More than 2,500 species are known and 150 of these species are found in the United States.


Most mosquitoes live two to three weeks, but some species can live up to six months. Mosquitoes can live longer in warm and humid environments.


Mosquitoes eat different foods depending on gender and life stage. Mosquito larvae live in stagnant pools of water and primarily consume algae and microscopic aquatic organisms. Once they pupate, the mosquitoes cease feeding until metamorphosis occurs and they become adults. Adult females primarily


Male mosquitoes live only a short time; the primary activity they engage in is mating. Unlike females, male mosquitoes do not suck blood from humans and other animals. Instead, the males feed only on plant nectars.


Eradicating standing water and overgrown vegetation kills mosquitoes by destroying their nesting and resting places. Follow up by making the right choices to the placement of wanted water outside to prevent mosquitoes from returning.


A Mosquito Magnet is a commercially available brand of mosquito trap which uses a combination of carbon dioxide, warm moisture and a plant-chemical simulator to attract mosquitoes. When the mosquitoes approach the Mosquito Magnet, they are vacuumed into the device and trapped.