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With a rich heritage of watchmaking, Lucien Piccard watches offer the industry a number of timepiece collections which feature timeless designs and precision craftsmanship. In your average Lucien Piccard watches review, you’ll find skeleton designs, automatic collections, and an emphasis on luxury.


A swiss vintage Lucien Piccard would be very expenisve and for the elite, but since chinese movements were being put into them they have dropped in value, obviously. If it were me, I woudn't get a Lucien Piccard but still, the value for these watches are very good and they look good.


Lucien Piccard, in its current iteration, is nothing more than a fashion watch brand who purchased the name of an established, but defunct, Swiss watchmaker. Many of the oldest names in watchmaking today aren't the same companies they were when founded. This isn't always a problem. Many of these companies produce quality Swiss Made watches.


Lucien Piccard brand made some extremely coveted Swiss watches many decades ago. It was known to make extremely artistic watches that were very beautiful and they are very collectible. However, the brand went through very hard times and yes, at th...


I recently bought a lucien piccard watch online. Right now, I'm having second thoughts if I should return it or not because I'm considering buying a bulova watch instead. Do you think I should just keep it? Also, are watches made from switzerland good timepieces/durable? Because that watch is made from switzerland. Thanks for all who will give their opinion.


Lucien Piccard is a USA-based company known widely for offering a number of quality watches in the market. They have been able to create a fusion of classic and modern class. Among all the Lucien Piccard watches, I have picked a few to introduce with you in my Lucien Piccard watch review to find yours!


You got it - a SS, back faced modern Lucien straight from the Bay Oh these "kids" Dad's "one of" Lucien was really stunning. It was a manual winder and kept really good time. In fact one year for his birthday I sent his watches, all 6 of them, for service and I treated them all to new shoes.


Lucien Piccard watches: Classic DNA, Craftsmanship & Style with a Modern Touch. Swiss Tradition since 1923. Explore Lucien Piccard Watches.


Today, it is hard to tell what kind of company Lucien Piccard is- the name has changed hands. Googling their name brings you to shopping websites, and there’s little in the way of reviews. Modern Lucien Piccards tend to use Japanese quartz or Chinese-manufactured automatic movements. The quartz movements are good quality, but be cautious with ...


Supernova Regulator Automatic: This extraordinary timepiece captures Lucien Piccard's distinctive design DNA with its patterned dial featuring individual hour, minutes and seconds subdials along with a date and Sun and Moon Indicator.