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As of 2014, the Lamborghini line of cars are manufactured by the Italian company Automobili Lamborghini, S.p.A. Established in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini, the company was started after the founder had purchased a Ferrari and felt that it required too many repairs.


Lamborghini's has continued production of the Aventador, which was first released in 2012, and has a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $404,695 for the coupe edition. The Italian supercar manufacturer also released for the first time in 2015 the brand-new Huracan Coupe. Its MSRP is $236,


Contact Lamborghini by dialing its North American Customer Contact Center at 1-866-681-6276. The center accepts phone calls Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Lamborghini also offers a contact form on its website for sending a direct message to the company.


According to a 2013 report on LamboCars.com, since its founding in 1963, Lamborghini has produced approximately 28,000 cars at its production facility in Italy. Of all the car types produced by Lamborghini, the Gallardo has the most produced units at a total of 7,221.


Carsforsale.com, CarGurus.com and AutoTrader.ca are some of the websites that a buyer can use to purchase a used Lamborghini. These websites have filter options that enable users to customize and narrow search results.


There are multiple models of street-legal Lamborghini-brand sports cars that can can be legally owned and operated in the United States. Lamborghini dealership employees may be able to advise buyers on which cars and modifications fit within the letter of the law.


Lamborghinis are among the very fastest cars in the world, with top speeds ranging from 210 to 239 miles per hour. Lamborghinis are, for the most part, designed to be driven on the road rather than on the racetrack.


To buy a Lamborghini, consult websites such as Cars-on-line.com, Autoshopper.com and Carsforsale.com. These sites come with accurate information about Lamborghini cars to help the buyer make a decision.


As of 2014, in-production Lamborghini cars are available in the following models:Hurac√°nAventadorGallardo LPVenemoAsterion Within some models, there are two versions available.


Interesting facts about Lamborghinis include that the first Lamborghini model, the 350 GTV, was one of the fastest cars in the world when it was introduced in 1963. All Lamborghini models except the Gallardo have a V12 engine, and no Lamborghini has ever hit the road with less than a V8.