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So can you eat worms? Definitely, however it’s wise to stick to the common edible worms as they impart some great nutrients and some pretty decent flavors believe it or not. If you were ever in a situation where you were facing starvation, these worms and perhaps the earthworm would be a good source of protein to seek out.


Why Eating Earthworms is Dangerous for Dogs. When humans eat earthworms, they remove the “soil” from the intestinal tract of the worm (which is basically the whole worm) and then cook it well. Dogs, of course, like their earthworms raw and straight from the ground.


Safety Concerns. Earthworms harbor infectious parasites. Our canine friends sometimes like to munch on them, but note that it is dangerous dangerous for dogs to eat earthworms. If there are pesticides in the soil, they will be in the worm.


Sort through outdoor compost to get at some worms. Note, however, that worms are an essential part of the compost pile's life cycle. They are the ones actually doing the composting! That said, the food in a good compost pile is irresistible to a worm, and if you live in an area with worms they will get back in.


But they need not have worried. Although it may leave a bad taste in the mouth, scientists have discovered that eating worms is good for you.


We presume he was primarily concerned with the direct consumption of the worm, so our primary focus will be whether or not it is safe to eat worms, but we will also touch on the health repercussions of eating food in which worms are found.


People eat earthworms because they are full of protein,but keeping the worms down is the biggest problem you will have trying to eat them. When people eat worms most of the time they are starving ...


There is some danger possible when ‘worms’ are consumed. For example, pets can get lung-worms when they eat snails, slugs or earthworms (and sometimes when they eat things that eat snails, slugs or earthworms). The larvae from their such snack can...


No. It's a really bad experience for the worm, however. Seriously, where you could get into trouble is with a microorganism called Cyclospora, but that is not carried by the worm. There is currently an outbreak in Texas that has been traced to pro...


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