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It's really a matter of personal preference, and also how well it fits with the rest of the face as far as looks go. So since women and girls are not a "one size fits all, everything exactly the same, factory issued" item, it will vary by the indi...


Cleft and dimple chin personality. It is believed that cleft chin woman is always very attractive while men have an amazing personality with the cleft chin.Dimple in chin sign of beauty and cleft chin is a sign of cuteness.If you see chin dimples when I smile then it means you are attractive. Cleft Chin contouring. You have seen the amazing results of contouring before and after.


Is a cleft chin a near-automatic halo on men? It certainly seems to draw attention to a chin (as opposed to a big goofy mouth which might be made more pronounced by having a recessed mandible) and make it look more mascline, whereas a smooth chin doesn't have anything to mask its potential subhumanity.


Cleft chins on women are beautiful there are so many beautiful women with clefs. you might not know this but more women tend to have clefs then anybody else. and females get the pretty ones most the time, there are more people with no clefs in any gender period.


I don't think the cleft is attractive itself, but the other genes that come with a chin cleft are the the most prime masculine nordic genes, none of that feminine Swedishness. My ideal women is one that has grown wrong, but has a bum chin, square forehead and jaw, was blonde as a kid ect.


This Site Might Help You. RE: Cleft Chin. Attractive or not? Butt Chin. It's a harsh title for a cleft/dimpled chin. I have one, and I've never really known if they were attractive, or if it was something to loathe about myself.


Dimpled chin/cleft chin on women: attractive or not Posted by athenslife101 on 8/18/17 at 9:05 pm 2 0 My initial reaction is "yes" but I went through pictures to find a good example and I couldn't.


A cleft chin is also called a dimple in the chin, a chin cleft or even less elegantly termed a butt chin. It is a small to large indentation in the chin that is actually genetically determined and is caused by failure of the lower jawbone to completely fuse together at the center point.


pssh you’re joking right Abi Yes others will notice it( your cleft chin) but that depends on the person honestly. I don’t like cleft chins but my gosh you wear it good! You’re cute and then some with a cool smile too, anyone else who says otherwis...


I think they are more attractive on men than women. I don't want to be sexist, but people are more used to seeing men with cleft chins than women. Overall, it depends on the person and how well it suits them.