Because Burmese pythons are large predators, their only predators are humans and alligators. Their diet includes any animal that can fit into their unhinged jaws, including smaller alligators. More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Snakes

Burmese pythons are carnivores with a fairly diverse diet, depending on what is available to them. As a rule, the Burmese python depends on a diet of smaller animals, particularly tiny mammals and birds; however, Burmese... More »

Burmese pythons do not have fangs, but are constrictors that have large teeth that curve rearward. The curved teeth inside of a Burmese python's mouth are excellent for grabbing prey, such as birds, pigs and other reptil... More »

Adult alligators have few predators other than humans, but they sometimes kill and eat each other. However, young alligators less than 4 feet long are killed by birds, raccoons, bobcats, otters, snakes, large bass and ot... More »

Pythons have many predators. Young pythons are subject to predation from birds, wild dogs, hyenas, larger snakes and even insects and spiders. Adult pythons are not immune to risk and may be attacked and eaten by birds o... More »

Although it is rare, there have been documented cases of pythons eating humans. The victims are typically children or otherwise small in stature, as the broad shoulders of adults are too large for most pythons to swallow... More »

Aside from humans, wolves do not have any direct predators and are considered at the top of their food chain. Wolf meat is not normally consumed, although it would be possible for it to be eaten in extreme circumstances. More »