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Since the 19th Century, beauty pageants have been held around the world that highlight the good looks and talents of their contestants. While there are some obvious positives that can be taken from these contests and the crowds that they attract, there are also some notable negative factors that should be considered as well.


The father of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6-year-old beauty queen who was killed in 1996, now says child pageants are bad for young girls. Mark Fix/ZUMA Press/Corbis


Beauty pageants are good for girls. I think beauty pageants are good for girls because they girls get rid of stage fright. They are also good because the girls can win money and prizes if they do good. Even if they don't win they the high title they still have a chance to win lower titles.


Kids are smart, and they absorb everything. They quickly pick up on the negatives of child beauty pageants. Or should I say on the negatives of bad behavior of some moms involved with child beauty pageants. When my granddaughter has lost in beauty pageants, we always congratulate the winners. She usually runs up to the winner and gives her a ...


The long-standing and currently overwhelming opinion in the psychology community concerning children's beauty pageants is that they are not in the best interests of healthy child development. Q I belong to a public service club that has been sponsoring local youth in beauty pageants for several years.


A fellow hubber requested that I write an article about whether beauty pageants are good or bad for young children, and I'm assuming they are referring mostly to glitz pageants. Much of this debate was covered in one of my previous articles, but I will expand on what I shared there. Actually, no one ...


Why Children Enter Beauty Pageants. Children are the masters of fantastical ideas, so it’s no wonder that many girls involved in the pageant circuits relish spending a few days a year as Cinderella.


9 Big Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons All around the world beauty pageants of all calibers are held for women, and sometimes men, to compete in looks, clothing, and talent competitions. It is an entire industry in itself, and ever since the 19th century it has been booming.


Disclaimer: I don't have any kids, I've never been in a beauty pageant or dance competition. Having said that, I'm perhaps a little reluctant to pooh-pooh beauty pageants, dance and cheer ...


However, competitive events can have lasting negative effects on the children especially if the little ones do not have a good understanding of the type of competition they are into and if the parents fail to provide the essential needs of the kids, which are of course a priority over any pageant title. List of Pros of Child Beauty Pageants. 1.