According to PetMD, it is safe to give bananas to cats as healthy snacks. Some felines even like the fruit frozen for a special treat. In fact, several fruits and vegetables are acceptable foods for cats. More »

Bananas are a healthy food because of their benefits to the eyes, the heart and the digestive system. Feeding on bananas can also help one to achieve weight loss goals. More » Health Nutrition & Diets Nutritional Content

While bananas are relatively high in sugar compared to other fruits, with about 14 grams of sugar per banana, they also offer fiber and nutrients, so they are relatively healthy. They are high in vitamin B6, providing ab... More » Food Grocery

Certain vegetables; small portions of yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese; moderate amounts of fish; eggs; and cooked animal meat are safe table foods for cats, states Animal Planet. All table foods given to a cat shou... More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats

The most common reasons cats eat plants like roses include soothing teething or simply playing. Eating plants in small quantities is normal cat behavior and usually isn't a problem unless the plant is poisonous. Roses ar... More »

Pet cats eat commercial cat food that meets feline nutritional needs. This commercial food can be dry kibble that comes in a bag or wet food from a can or pouch. The diet can be supplemented with treats, which should com... More »

House cats eat a mixture of wet and dry cat food that their owners present to them. It is best to ask a veterinarian about specific foods to fit a particular cat's needs. More »