A common problem with a dimmer switch that does not dim the lights is that the user has switched from incandescent lights to compact fluorescent or other types of energy saving lamps. Older dimmer styles are not compatib... More »

According to Lutron Electronics, not all LED lights can be dimmed. The packaging must be labeled as "dimmable" and an LED-specific dimmer switch must be used. More »

Dimmable LED (light-emitting diode) lights have the same energy-efficient characteristics as standard LED lights. However, they include a special feature that allows the light output to be reduced or increased as needed. More »

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The simple answer for a typical two-way dimmer switch is black on the dimmer goes to the black wire in the wall, the other black on the dimmer goes to the white wire in the wall and the green wire on the dimmer goes to t... More »

To wire a two-way dimmer switch, you need a neon voltage tester, a flat-head screwdriver, needle-nose pliers and a dimmer switch. A two-way dimmer switch you can control the light from two different locations. More »

In order to locate where to buy a Lutron four-way dimmer switch, go to the company's website, click the Where To Buy link on the top right of the home page, narrow the search by choosing the application and desired produ... More »

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Dimmable CFL bulbs are energy-saving light bulbs that dim room lighting when used with an installed dimmer switch. These bulbs are estimated to conserve about 75 percent more electricity than traditional incandescent bul... More »

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