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The Arctic is almost entirely covered by water, much of it frozen. Some frozen features, such as glaciers and icebergs, are frozen freshwater. In fact, the glaciers and icebergs in the Arctic make up about 20% of Earth’s supply of freshwater. Most of the Arctic, however, is the liquid saltwater of the Arctic ocean basin. Some parts of the ...


Fun Arctic Facts for Kids. Check out our fun arctic facts for kids and enjoy learning a range of interesting information about the Arctic region. Find out where the Arctic is, what countries are part of it, how cold it can get, what kind of animals live there and much more. Read on and enjoy learning some cool facts related to the Arctic.


The Arctic facts for kids: read on to find incredible facts and figures about this amazing polar region.. In this article, you’ll find out where the Arctic is, learn about its climate and wildlife, and discover what life is like at the northernmost part of the world …


Arctic foxes have such a cheeky personality that they are also known as the “clowns of the tundra” – as our past guests and Expedition Leaders on Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Photo Safari can attest! What makes this small, Northern animal so remarkable? Here are 10 fun facts about Arctic fox: 1.


The Arctic Fox is a small white fox native to the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere.. The Arctic fox is also commonly known as the white fox, polar fox, or snow fox. The Arctic fox is found in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia, and Russia.. In the summer, the arctic fox lives in the tundra at the edge of forest. In the winter, it is found on ice floes where its white coat serves ...


Top 10 facts about the Arctic OUR icy winds are coming from the Arctic, so let’s explore a few facts about that region. By William Hartson. PUBLISHED: 00:00, Fri, Feb 22, 2013.


More Arctic Facts. 6. Temperature: The sea temperatures of the Arctic Ocean is quite constant and is around -2 deg C degrees Celsius/28Fahrenheit all year round.The climatic conditions depend on the seasons; the sky is mostly cloudy over the Arctic ocean. Winter is long and lasts from September to May.


An Arctic Fox is a mammal. They are part of the canid family like wolves, other species of fox and dogs. Arctic Fox live in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia and Iceland. An Arctic Fox is Iceland’s only native land mammal. An Arctic Fox average livspand in he wild is 3-6 years. Arctic Fox […]


There’s a lot more to the northernmost part of our globe than just frigid landscapes. Read on for some fascinating facts about the Arctic region, and the people and wildlife who call it home: 1 ...


The arctic fox is an incredibly hardy animal that can survive frigid Arctic temperatures as low as –58°F in the treeless lands where it makes its home. It has furry soles, short ears, and a ...