The Arctic is not considered a continent because it is a region that is not comprised of one specific land mass. Several countries belonging to separate continents reach into the Arctic region. More »

The Arctic tundra biome is located on North America and Asia. It is found in three countries: Canada, the United States and Russia. The tundra features cold temperatures, low desert-like precipitation and permafrost. More »

The Arctic Ocean touches North America, Asia and Europe. The ocean lies in the Northern Hemisphere and sits predominately north of the Arctic Circle. More »

The word "Arctic" originates from the Greek word for "bear." The Arctic area encompasses more than 18 million square miles. Neanderthal remains found in the Arctic have been carbon-dated to thousands of years after it is... More »

The seven countries located within the Arctic circle are Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, the United States, Denmark and Canada. Only a very small portion of Iceland is in the Arctic Circle, and only the state of Alaska ... More »

The latitude of the Arctic Circle is 66 degrees, 32 minutes. This is the latitude above which the sun never sets during the summer and never rises during the winter. North of this imaginary line, six months of daylight f... More »

Tonga is located in the region called Australia/Oceania that contains the continent of Australia. Tonga is an archipelago situated south of Samoa, which is in the South Pacific Ocean. Tonga is made up of approximately 17... More »