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Architecture definition is - the art or science of building; specifically : the art or practice of designing and building structures and especially habitable ones. How to use architecture in a sentence.


Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art.Historical civilizations are often identified with their surviving architectural achievements.


"Architecture is the scientific art of making structure express ideas. Architecture is the triumph of human imagination over materials, methods, and men to put man into possession of his own earth. Architecture is man's great sense of himself embodied in a world of his own making.


Architecture definition: Architecture is the art of planning , designing, and constructing buildings. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples ... Architecture is the art of how to waste space Philip Johnson New York Times. Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, ...


Architecture, the art and technique of designing and building, as distinguished from the skills associated with construction.The practice of architecture is employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements, and thus it serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends. Although these two ends may be distinguished, they cannot be separated, and the relative weight given to each can vary ...


"Architecture in general is frozen music" [Friedrich von Schelling Philosophie der Kunst] "Architecture is the art of how to waste space" [Philip Johnson New York Times] "Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely, on the soul" [Ernest Dimnet What We Live By]


There are at least as many definitions of architecture as there are architects or people who comment on the practice of it. While some embrace it as art, others defend architecture’s seminal ...


Architecture definition, the profession of designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other artificial constructions and environments, usually with some regard to aesthetic effect. Architecture often includes design or selection of furnishings and decorations, supervision of construction work, and the examination, restoration, or remodeling of existing buildings.


Romanesque art: Romanesque art, architecture, sculpture, and painting characteristic of the first of two great international artistic eras that flourished in Europe during the Middle Ages. Romanesque architecture emerged about 1000 and lasted until about 1150, by which time it had evolved into Gothic. The


What is Architecture? Iasa Definition. The Iasa community feels that both sides of those definitions, when blended are a good definition. IT architecture is the art and science of designing and delivering valuable technology strategy. We must be able to describe a strategy for solving business problem with IT.