The Archaeopteryx was a carnivorous species, primarily eating frogs, lizards, dragonflies, beetles, mites and other insects. It used its sharp bill, teeth and feathers to help capture its prey. More »

Archaeopteryx is a fossil animal that became famous because it had a combination of reptilian and distinctly bird-like characteristics, which implied support for Darwin's theory of natural selection. Scientists initially... More »

Many scientists agree that Archaeopteryx is the earliest known bird in existence, giving it a unique claim to fame as the first of its kind. This winged animal may well represent an evolutionary midpoint between birds an... More » Pets & Animals Dinosaurs

Small frogs eat small insects, such as crickets, grasshoppers, beetles and ants. They require more frequent feeding than their larger cousins, with most requiring feeding on a daily basis or at least several times per we... More » Pets & Animals Amphibians Frogs

Anole lizards in the wild feed on small, live insects, including flies, beetles, crickets, moths, butterflies, ants and termites, as well as spiders, slugs, worms and other invertebrates. Since the anole lizard's sight i... More »

Bass eat almost anything they can, including crayfish, insects, lizards, shrimp, eels, snakes, frogs, baby birds and other fish, including other bass. Due to their soft fins and small size, threadfin shad are considered ... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Fish

Eastern fence lizards have a diet primarily comprised of insects, such as ants, weevils, beetles, lady bugs, centipedes, spiders and other arthropods. The lizards also eat snails and some plant matter during the process,... More »