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Gas Fired Heating Equipment; Furnaces; Oil to Gas Conversions SAVE on fuel costs and enjoy the clean functionality of natural gas; Radiant Heat Systems; Hot Water Heat (Hydronic) Systems High Efficiency condensing boilers; Steam Heat Systems; Ductless Systems; Split Systems; Digital Programmable Thermostats; Humidification Systems; Air ...


Heating & Cooling Systems. Since it’s a natural insulator and corrosion-free, Aquatherm PP-R and PP-RP (RCT) piping is ideal for heating and cooling systems in everything from commercial buildings to single-family residences. LEARN MORE


Aquatherm® Combo Air Handlers. Aquatherm® Combo Air Handlers will save you time and money in comparison with gas heating. The Aquatherm® combo air handles will save you energy in the winter by allowing you to heat your home or business with a single Aquatherm® unit.


Any properly sized water heater (for heating) and split system type condensing unit (for cooling) will work with First Co. Aquatherm® air handlers and are to be supplied by others. NO SPECIAL WATER HEATER IS REQUIRED! Aquatherm® air handlers are even compatible with boiler systems. Aquatherm® air handlers include a fan motor for


Aquatherm Solar Thermal Heating Systems. ... OUR STORY. RESIDENTIAL POOL HEATING. A longer, more comfortable swim season – without the high utility bills. ... Solar pool heating systems can provide a clean, domestic and affordable way to reduce the monthly energy bill for heating commercial swimming pools.


Aqua Therm is a custom manufacturer of HVAC equipment. Since established in 2000 Aqua Therm has secured a respected and well-known name in the HVAC retrofit industry. The staff at Aqua Therm is comprised of people from all aspects of the HVAC industry including service technicians and engineers.read more →


Aqua-Therm Boilers. Aqua-Therm manufactures and distributes Outdoor Wood Boilers and Indoor Wood Boilers. Safe, efficient wood and coal fueled boilers that can provide 100% of your heating needs at a lower cost


With the union of technocrats prominent in Refrigeration Technology and its heating & cooling applications, Aqua Therm Systems was established in April 2013. AquaTherm Systems works predominantly into refrigeration technology and its application for water heating & chilling.


Callouts for domestic and residential plumbing and heating projects or emergencies can often be in or create a stressful situation, but whether the callout is an emergency plumbing repair or an enquiry for a complete refurbishment, the team at Aquatherm can manage any domestic or residential plumbing project whilst reducing any disruption to our customers.


The use of the Aquatherm combo heaters offers advantages for both the water heater and the heating system. Homeowners have the option of a ceiling-mounted air handler or one that fits in a closet or garage.