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Heating & Cooling Systems. Since it’s a natural insulator and corrosion-free, Aquatherm PP-R and PP-RP (RCT) piping is ideal for heating and cooling systems in everything from commercial buildings to single-family residences.


A superior alternative to steel, stainless steel and inferior plastics, Aquatherm Blue Pipe is a long-lasting option for heating and cooling, compressed air and industrial piping systems. Unlike metals and plastic imitations, original Aquatherm Blue Pipe won’t corrode or weaken over time.


The Aquatherm® is a First Co. air handler that converts a properly sized gas or oil-fired water heater into a highly efficient, dual - purpose appliance that can heat your home as well as provide hot water for domestic purposes. Any properly sized water heater (for heating) and split system type condensing unit (for cooling) will


What Is an Aquatherm Heating System? ... The systems are compatible with standard thermostats, and Aquatherm air handlers are available with air-conditioning coils that can cool the house. Home Heating Repair - For HVAC, Heat Pump, Boiler, Etc. Ad · AllHeatingServices.com.


Aquatherm Pipe for Heating & Cooling Panel Systems. Aquatherm black system is a system for room climatisation made of polypropylene that is suitable for ceiling, wall and floor installation. After only 3 years on the market as a system for room climatisation, it has already received many awards and found international acceptance as the next ...


Welcome To Aqua Therm Systems . With the union of technocrats prominent in Refrigeration Technology and its heating & cooling applications, AquaTherm Systems was established in 2013....


Aquatherm Pipe for Heating. This system, which was initially called climatherm, but is now called aquatherm blue pipe, was developed over 10 years ago in order to prevent corrosion in air conditioning pipes. Its range of application quickly expanded, with many positive features for other fields of piping installation.


Our Products. Fan Coil Replacement Custom built fan coil units are available for any application. Aqua Therm has designed a chassis style fan coil that is capable of fitting in original fan coil sleeves. Contact Aqua Therm for an onsite consultation. Whalen Replacement (WA Series)


Aqua Therm is a custom manufacturer of HVAC equipment. Since established in 2000 Aqua Therm has secured a respected and well-known name in the HVAC retrofit industry. The staff at Aqua Therm is comprised of people from all aspects of the HVAC industry including service technicians and engineers.read more →


I have an aqua therm air conditioner/heater. My air conditioner is not cooling well. I had a plumbing company come out and inspect the unit and all was well. they thought that the radiator at the bottom was dirty and suggested blowing it out as it may allow a better air flow.