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Aquasource faucets are made by a number of manufacturers, such as Long Tai Copper Corp, American Standard brands, Global Union industrial Corp and Roddex Bath Hardware Co., Ltd. This brand of faucets is sold and marketed primarily by Lowes, but the brand is also sold through Amazon.


One way to purchase an Aquasource faucet part is through the brand's online store. Information for individual parts can be read in greater detail on the Aquasource website, which recommends buying from the online store for convenience and possible coupon savings. The code on the package is needed to


You can buy Aquasource bathroom faucets at home improvement stores or online. Lowes and Home Depot sell them, as does Amazon.com. These places offer both the faucets and the parts for them.


AquaSource toilets are sold by Lowe's. The AquaSource toilet is an efficient toilet designed to use less water, which can save users more than $90 per year.


To convert a tub faucet to a shower, remove the spout, clean the underlying wall, install a diverter spout, attach a handheld shower head hose, check for leaks, and caulk the spout. This project requires a wrench, pipe tape, pliers, caulk, a diverter spout and a handheld shower head.


Replacing a tub faucet involves removing the old faucet from the tub, replacing the old spout nipple with a new one and attaching a new faucet on the new nipple. Obtain a new faucet of the same style and size as the old one before attempting this task. On top of the new faucet, you need a screwdrive


To replace a shower faucet, remove the faucet handles, escutcheons and faucet posts, insert new faucet posts into the old plumbing, mount new escutcheons, screw in the new faucet handles, attach new trim caps onto the handles, and turn on the water. Disconnect the water before beginning.


Characterized by a long, thin, downward-curving neck, a Roman tub faucet sits on top of a bathtub. There are three independent sections in this faucet, each of which are installed with their own separate hole. You need an Allen wrench and pliers to change a Roman tub faucet.


To repair a leaking tub faucet, disassemble the faucet assembly and replace any worn or damaged washers, seals or gaskets. Worn washers, seals and gaskets are the culprit for many leaks, although not all.


A dripping bathtub faucet is annoying and costly, due to the water it wastes. Replacing the seats and seat washer fixes the leak. Use a shower stem socket and seat wrench for the project. Penetrating oil helps to remove stuck parts and thread sealant prevents leaks.