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Aquasource faucets are made by a number of manufacturers, such as Long Tai Copper Corp, American Standard brands, Global Union industrial Corp and Roddex Bath Hardware Co., Ltd. This brand of faucets is sold and marketed primarily by Lowes, but the brand is also sold through Amazon.


One way to purchase an Aquasource faucet part is through the brand's online store. Information for individual parts can be read in greater detail on the Aquasource website, which recommends buying from the online store for convenience and possible coupon savings. The code on the package is needed to


You can buy Aquasource bathroom faucets at home improvement stores or online. Lowes and Home Depot sell them, as does Amazon.com. These places offer both the faucets and the parts for them.


AquaSource toilets are sold by Lowe's. The AquaSource toilet is an efficient toilet designed to use less water, which can save users more than $90 per year.


To change a faucet, remove the old fixture by unscrewing the nuts, remove the pop-up drain, and then install the new faucet, securing it with nuts and Teflon tape or paste. Once the new faucet is installed, connect the drain housing to the flange, and drop in the pop-up drain.


If water doesn't come out of faucets in the home when turned to the on position, leaks or frozen pipes may be the cause of the problem. In homes with a water well, examine the pump and water levels to determine the cause of the problem.


Washers for bath faucets can be purchased through online retailers such as The Home Depot, Grainger and Lowe's. The Home Depot website has over 200 bath faucet washers in stock that range in price from $1.52 to $35.96, as of February 2015.


To install a faucet, remove the old unit, leave out the sprayer hose, attach the connectors, and install the new unit. You need a basin wrench, slip-joint pliers and an adjustable wrench to complete this project.


The best bathroom faucets as of 2015 include the Toto Ryohan EcoPower lavatory faucet, Kohler Karbon deck-mounted faucet and Toto Axiom EcoPower faucet, according to The Family Handyman. Although the IKEA HJUVIK is generally used in kitchens, it can be installed in bathrooms as well.


To repair a leaky faucet, remove the faucet's handle knobs, unscrew the packing nut, and take the stem out of the faucet. Locate the O-ring and the washer in the valve seat, and examine them. These are the parts that usually cause a faucet to leak. Install a new washer and O-ring, and reassemble the