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The appropriate attire to wear to a funeral is conservative, dark and formal attire. Women may wish to wear a black dress or suit, and men should wear a black, grey or dark blue suit with a conservative cut over a crisp, white-collared shirt and tie. Children should wear nice dress shoes and dark cl


Proper evening attire for a woman ranges from dressy separates to full length evening gowns, while men's wear varies from a dark suit to white tie, with a black dress tailcoat. Attire choices depend on the category of the event, from "black tie optional" to "white tie."


Business attire is clothing that is dressy without being too formal. Business attire is often recommended for meetings, interviews and other business events.


A cocktail dress or dressy suit is typically appropriate attire for a female guest attending an afternoon wedding, while a male guest can wear a suit and tie. However, the time of the event isn't the only factor in determining what to wear -- consider the formality of the event, its location and the


After-five attire is another term for semi-formal attire, which includes dark suits for men and cocktail dresses for women. When after-five attire is specified for an afternoon event, lighter suits for men and dressy separates for women are acceptable.


Formal attire refers to clothing that is suitable for formal events such as parties, weddings, dances, business functions and dinners. Formal attire for men typically consists of tuxedos and ties, while women's formal attire entails evening or ball gowns.


Business attire is clothing that is acceptable in a work environment, and it ranges from professional to casual. Employees typically follow individual dress code policies set by an employer.


Attire in the 1960s was more formal than the styles that were popular in 2014, but attire became more casual in the 1970s. Women in the 1960s wore formal hats, and even while at home cooking or cleaning, they wore skirts and blouses. Businessmen wore suits and ties for everyday wear. During the 1970


Traditional business formal is a dark suit for men and a dark pant suit or dress and blazer for women. While business casual has changed through the years, business formal attire is still the same, with companies expecting professional suits, ties for men and dress shoes for both men and women.


Black and white attire means formal clothing. For women, this usually implies floor-length gowns, and for men, tuxedos or suits. This type of formal clothing is usually worn to social events like weddings, balls and galas.