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Any citizen in need of assistance who meets income eligibility for his state, and is below the asset limit, can apply for Medicaid. A felony record or history of misusing government benefits may bar an otherwise eligible person from receiving aid.


Medicaid is applied for through the federal government's health insurance marketplace website or through any of the state Medicaid agencies. The health insurance marketplace website has links to the Medicaid agency applications for all 50 states; all states are required to offer Medicaid. Completing


Replacing a lost,stolen or damaged Medicaid cardcan be done online by contacting the Social Security Administration or Railroad Retirement Board. Most Medicaid card queries can be resolved by contacting the state Medicaid office.


Apply for Medicaid online by going to Medicaid.gov and clicking on the link marked Find Out If You Qualify for Medicaid on the right side of the page. The link takes you to the Medicaid and CHIP webpage of the HealthCare.gov website where you can check to see if you qualify for coverage, according t


Texas residents can apply for a Texas Benefits Medicaid card by visiting the Your Texas Benefits website, explains the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Residents can apply for a few different types of Medicaid, including Medicaid for children.


To apply for Medicaid benefits, an applicant can determine eligibility for coverage at HealthCare.gov, by answering a few income and household information questions. If an individual qualifies based on the information given, the site provides directions for how to apply.


Some states allow residents to apply for Medicaid online through a state Medicaid website, according to HealthCare.gov. Medicaid is a state managed program, so each state can have a different application process.


New York state allows applicants to apply for Medicaid using a variety of methods depending on the applicant's eligibility category. The New York Health Plan Marketplace accepts applications online and by phone at (855) 355-5777. A Medicaid Helpline assists applicants who call (800) 541-2831.


Hiring a lawyer is a possibility for someone who needs help with the application when applying for Medicaid. The lawyer explores the qualifications for Medicaid, and if the lawyer determines the applicant is eligible, the lawyer is available to apply on that person's behalf.


To receive a Medicaid card, an individual needs to apply to his state's Department of Health and Human Services, according to HealthCare.gov. In the state of Florida, Medicaid cards are referred to as "gold" cards, but in other states, the actual color of the cards may vary.