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In order to apply for a business license, a business owner needs a form of payment, business information, list of all owners, and knowledge of type of registration needed. The information needed for a business license may vary from state to state and may also depend on the type of business.


To get a business license in California, you must pay the license fee and submit an application to the city hall or governing offices of the city in which your business is located. Your license is typically mailed out within two weeks of application.


Business licenses are regulated and issued by the state where the business is located; therefore, a business license can be looked up, searched and found online from the specific state's website. To find a company's or individual's license, search the name of the business from the website of the sta


Where a small business license is obtained depends on the type of business and the business location. Certain business require federal, state and local permits, which are obtained from different entities.


Most city and state websites operate a simple online database where anyone can search for business licenses issued through the respective state or city. The database allows searches by business name or by the owner's full name and address. It also displays the type and status of the license.


A business license number is issued when a business has successfully obtained a license to operate in certain municipalities. It simply acts as a reference number.


To apply for a security license, first call your state's department or office that deals with labor and business, such as Florida's Department of Agriculture or Washington state's Department of Licensing. Ask the office for any paperwork or procedures necessary to become licensed in your state or go


You can apply for a TV license online at the website for the Federal Communications Commission. As of July 2014, however, the FCC has stated that it is not accepting any new applications until all TV stations convert to digital broadcasting. No expected date is given for the end of this process.


To obtain a business license, use the U.S. Small Business Administration's Permit Me tool to find the types of licenses that are required for your state and type of business. Download the forms, fill them out and send them in with any required documentation to receive your license.


To obtain a small business license, contact the local city clerk or business-license department and find out how to apply for a business permit. A business has to be registered to operate within a city and state and the county clerk's office can offer directions on where to obtain the business-regis