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All tin cans are recyclable, according to Waste Management. Tin cans are actually aluminum, but they are sometimes called tin cans because there is a micro-thin layer of tin coating the inside of the can to help it from rusting.


The discoverer of tin is unknown. However, this element dates back to ancient times. The chemical symbol for tin is Sn, and it has an atomic number of 50.


Tin belongs to the carbon family, which is group 14 on the periodic table. In addition to carbon and tin, the other elements in this family are germanium, lead and silicon.


Tin does not have significant measurable magnetic attraction. The volume magnetic susceptibility of tin is negative 0.0000227, and it is classified as a paramagnetic material with aluminum, copper sulfate and oxygen.


Tin doesn't rust. Rust is another name for a compound known as iron oxide. Iron, water and oxygen need to react together for rust to be produced. Because tin doesn't contain iron, it cannot rust.


Tin needs four electrons to fill its 5p orbital and can form compounds with four covalent bonds. Alternatively, tin can lose two or four electrons to form Sn2+ or Sn4+ ions, respectively. Tin is element number 50 on the periodic table. Its ground state electron configuration is [Kr]4d105s25p2.


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The general process to apply for a phone online is to choose a carrier, go to the carrier's website, choose a phone and a plan and sign up. You can also apply for a free government phone through the Lifeline program if you cannot afford a monthly cell phone plan.


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A taxpayer identification number, or TIN, is used by the Internal Revenue Service to track individuals and entities for tax purposes, and an employer identification number, or EIN, is one form of a TIN. Many people confuse a TIN with an individual taxpayer identification number, or ITIN, which is al