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The primary responsibilities of a cashier in a retail business include greeting customers, ringing up items purchased at a cash register, taking payment and issuing receipts. In some positions, the cashier also bags the items for the customer and hands over the items after the sale.


While a high school diploma is preferred, most employers don't have any formal educational requirements for a cashier. Basic math skills are required because of the role requires taking money and counting change on transactions. Good customer-service skills are also essential.


Some tips for first-time cashiers include learning how to count change correctly, taking time using the register to avoid having to void a transaction and keeping an eye on how much money is in the cash register. It is also important to never leave a cash register unattended if there is still money


A cashier's check does not have an expiration date and is guaranteed by the issuing bank until the check is paid. The funds of a cashier's check generally must be turned over to the state's unclaimed property custodian after a period of time, according to the state's abandoned property laws.


You can tell a fraudulent cashier's check only after it has been deposited into your bank account. Your bank determines if the check was fake after it gets returned unpaid by the depositing bank.


Purchasing a cashier's check immediately transfers the monetary amount of that check from the buyer's account into the bank's account, where it remains until the recipient cashes the check, explains About.com. Because the bank verifies the funds before issuing the check, cashier's checks are more se


Some of the responsibilities of a cashier include welcoming customers, accepting payments, bagging and wrapping, processing returned products, answering customer concerns, recording the amount in the register and helping customers sign up for special programs. Cashiers mainly deal with money and pro


A cashiers check does not have to be signed by the person sending money. The person who cashes the check must sign it at the time she cashes or deposits it. The bank fills out any documents needed to pay money through a cashiers check and reviews the account.


Online applications for open positions are available at the CVS jobs website. Job seekers must search for and choose open positions to apply for before gaining access to online applications.


Typical responsibilities for cashiers include ringing up items, greeting customers, answering customer questions, handling returns and exchanges, and providing customers with proper change. Cashiers also count down their registers at the beginning and end of their shifts. Cashiers working in stores