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To view free diagrams for E-Z Go golf carts, visit VintageGolfCartParts.com or BlockbusterGolfCarts.com. Both websites offer wiring diagrams for the electrical system, charger, speed controller and steering assembly.


The tax form 500 EX for filing individual income taxes in the state of Georgia can be downloaded from both the Georgia Department of Revenue website and the Georgia government website. Each site offers the form as a free PDF for printing and filling out manually or through a computer.


The weight of the EZ curl bar depends on its type. According to SkinnyBulkUp.com, EZ curl bars have two variants: Standard EZ curl bar and Olympic EZ curl bar. The former weighs 10 pounds, while the latter approximately weighs 25 pounds.


Instructions for using the EZ Bow Maker are available at websites such as Prettify Your Life and eHow. The EZ Bow Maker holds the ribbon in place while a crafter makes the bow, and it helps create evenly sized and symmetrical loops.


Private vehicle owners can order the Massachusetts E-ZPass from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) website. Once activated, the pass works on all MassDOT E-ZPass toll roads, including the Massachusetts Turnpike.


The Homestead EZ Grow Mushroom Kit is available exclusively through HomesteadBook.com. The kit includes mushroom spores, compost, a growing container and illustrated instructions. Homestead Books only ships orders to customers in the United States.


Those filing taxes single or jointly who have no dependents, don't claim any income adjustments and claim no tax credits other than EIC may qualify to file the 1040-EZ form, according to the IRS. Other requirements include having taxable income less than $100,000, as of 2015.


Receiving a payday advance from EZ Cash takes only a couple of minutes, states Check Center. To get pre-approved for a payday advance, customers need a permanent residential address, must be currently employed, have a checking account that's active and be 18 years of age, states EZ Cash.


Printable 1040-EZ forms are forms that can be downloaded and printed. The Internal Revenue Service provides printable 1040-EZ forms online. Questions about this form or any other tax issue should be referred to a qualified tax professional.


The IRS Form 990-EZ is an expedited form for tax-exempt organizations, nonexempt charitable trusts and political organizations. It is an annual reporting return that certain tax-exempt organizations must file with the Internal Revenue Service to detail a particular organization’s programs, finances