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Pennsylvania Appliance Lemon Laws Only a few states have specific appliance lemon laws, however the national lemon law (Magnuson Moss Warranty Act) covers almost all consumer products, including appliances purchased in Pennsylvania, as long as the product costs more than $25 and it is intended primarily for consumer-type use.


There is no lemon law for anything other than new cars. The law you are under is the warranty act and under the warranty act the manufacturer is bound to repair, replace or refund for any defective item (at the manufacturer's discretion). Thus, if they are not able to repair the product they must replace it or refund your money.


The below represents the legal definition of PA lemon laws. Pennsylvania lemon laws protect Pennsylvania consumers from defective cars, trucks and other vehicles. The news get better because PA lemon laws also protect the consumer against defects of other items, such as motorcycles, RV’s, boats, computers and even consumer appliances.


What is the PA Lemon Law?. The PA Lemon Law applies to new vehicles purchased or leased and registered in Pennsylvania, or registered for the first time in Pennsylvania, that have been back to the shop repeatedly for the same issue or for an extended period of time. Under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law and federal statutes, consumers could be entitled to a brand-new car, complete repurchase, or ...


The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, sometimes known as the federal lemon law, protects consumers who purchase a defective product, including appliances, that cost $25 or more if they came with a warranty, as the Law Office of Steve Lehto explains.


Lemon Law for Appliances. In addition to each state’s lemon law for vehicles, there is also a law in the United States that is a type of federal lemon law. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 was created to protect consumers of all states and ensure manufacturers honor their warranties. The Act covers most consumer products, including ...


Pennsylvania Lemon Law Pennsylvania's automobile lemon law is designed to protect you from being financially burdened by a dud vehicle. If you suspect you may have been sold a lemon, regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional, make sure you understand what the law covers before threatening the seller or manufacturer with legal action.


Lemon Laws and Appliances. What rights do I have as a consumer? I have just called for the sixth repair on my Maytag washing machine in less than three years. The machine is four years old. Some of the replacement parts are now in need of repair. Barb R.


Under these consumer protection laws, if your lemon car, truck, or motorcycle has been in the shop repeatedly, or for an extended period of time under your motor vehicle warranty, you could receive a new vehicle, a complete repurchase, or significant compensation. This is a list of summaries for all Automobile Lemon Law statutes across the ...


The California Lemon Law is part of The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and applies to all consumer products – both new and used – purchased for personal use. The California lemon law for appliances governs the sale of new appliances, appliances codes, manufacturers' responsibilities and repairs.