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Strawberry Fun Facts and Trivia courtesy of The California Strawberry Commission Other related links: Apple Hill Growers Association - An association of apple growers, not a PYO. (pick your own) Various activities - 55 ranches involved, some apple ranches, 4 wineries, 1 micro-brewing operation. Fruit, baked goods, wine, Christmas trees.


Oak Glen Apple Farms. Much of Oak Glen's fame and renown comes from the pristine and open farmland comprised of sprawling orchards, fields of row crops, and berries bushes. Come visit one of Oak Glen's many Farms and get back in touch with the source of our daily nutrition. Oak Glen Shops


We are a u-pick apple, berry, & pumpkin farm. U-pick is available only when fruit is in season (Early August for raspberries & blackberries / late August for apples / mid to late September for pumpkins.) End dates for u-pick vary depending on crop size, weather variations, and how many people come & how much they pick!


Southern California is known for its verdant growing conditions, making for a variety of succulent products. Especially endowed in the fall, ripened apples pack a punch while serving as a healthy ...


Especially apple orchard season! If you love the idea of sipping hot cider and plucking fresh apples right off the tree, then take a look at these seven orchards in Southern California that will get you into the fall state of mind in no time. I’m a little giddy just thinking about it. How about you?


Apple Picking in Southern California's Apple Country Linda Ly From her South Bay abode, she shares farm-to-fork recipes, raises backyard chickens, bakes bread and makes jam and still finds time to surf or snowboard or kayak or climb-depending on the season.


Apple Picking Tips. Go early in the season and call ahead to confirm that apples are still available for picking. Once the apples are gone, that’s it until next year. Take enough cash. Many locales only accept cash and it makes transactions quicker and easier. Prepare to spend (a lot) more money than you would on grocery store apples. The ...


Top 5 Tips For Apple Picking in Oak Glen. The best time to go apple picking is during the week when the farms are not as crowded. The weather up on the mountain is unpredictable at times. I recommend that you bring a hat, sunscreen and a jacket for all scenarios. Bring your own reusable bags for apple picking.


Apple picking season, which generally runs from Labor Day through Thanksgiving—give or take—draws apple-loving Angelenos to surrounding farms for a fresh taste of fall. While the trek may be ...


California's pick your own farms and orchards for fruit, vegetables, pumpkins and more. The website also has canning & freezing instructions, related events and fun and listings for every other state and many countries!