It is possible to restore iPhone apps using either the search function or the purchase list section of the Apple App Store. Simply find the app you want to restore, and reinstall it. If the app has already been purchased... More » Technology Mobile

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Find free games for an iPhone by browsing the Games category of the Apple App Store and choosing the Top Free section. The store offers a huge selection of iPhone games, many of which are completely free to download. More » Technology Mobile

iPhone users can find and download free gaming apps directly from the Apple App Store app on their phone. Once the App Store app is open, go to the "games" section and look for the section of games that are free to downl... More » Technology Mobile

Some free iPhone apps that don’t feature advertising include Evernote, Dropbox and Google Maps. These powerful apps are well-reviewed, highly useful and ad-free as of 2015. More » Technology Mobile

An iPhone can be turned into a VoIP phone simply by downloading any of the VoIP apps available on the Apple App Store. The iPhone can then be used to make calls using a Wi-Fi network, even without a mobile connection. More »