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Many painters have painted Jesus Christ. Among them are Rogier van der Weyden, who painted "The Descent From the Cross" around 1435. This painting shows Jesus being lowered from the cross by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, while Mary, dressed in a sumptuous blue gown, faints from grief.


As of 2015, the website Fine Art America has a wide variety of paintings and prints of Jesus Christ in different religious settings. AllPosters.com and the LDS Bookstore also sell various Christ-themed and religious prints.


Some other names and titles for Jesus Christ are "Emmanuel" and "the Word." Another name for Jesus is "Lamb of God"; this name refers to Jesus' death on the cross that provided a means of salvation for mankind, according to Bibles for America.


Some descriptive names of Jesus Christ are light of the world, son of God, Emmanuel, deliverer and savior. Jesus Christ is called innumerable names in the Bible, and his names usually serve to better illuminate his motives and the extent of his power.


Jesus Christ is the figure around whom all Christian religions are based. The New Testament of the Bible was written about his life and teachings. General beliefs associated with Jesus are that he was conceived by God upon a virgin, performed miracles, died to atone for humanity's sins and was resur


Though widely celebrated on Dec. 25, the actual birth date of Jesus Christ remains unknown, as of 2015. Many researchers estimate that Jesus was born in the early fall of 2 B.C.


Jesus was a Nazarene rabbi and preacher widely considered to have lived in the first century. His life and ministry subsequently became the central focus of the Jesus movement and then of Christianity, a religion that subsequently grew historically and theologically distinct from Judaism. In most Ch


Evidence has been produced to validate the historicity of Jesus, but the veracity of that evidence has never been established with absolution. Much of the debate about the historical Jesus is centered on the lack of credible historical sources that reference Jesus.


It's unknown exactly how old Jesus was at the time of his death, but it's widely believed that he was 33. Jesus was crucified on the cross under the direction of Pontius Pilate, who was governor of Judea at the time.


A Jesus Christ lizard, also called the "common basilisk," is a South American reptile that runs across the surface of water on its hind legs. Walking on water is a reputed miracle of the religious figure, Jesus, demonstrating his dominion over nature.