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Download countdown calendars online from TimeLeft.info and iTunes. Using flexible settings, users set the timer software to countdown years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.


Two websites where users can play a countdown game include Subtangent.com and Nrich.com. Countdown games allow players to select a group of six random numbers and a target number. Players must then use addition, subtraction, multiplication or division to reach the targe...


In Greek mythology, Apollo was a Olympian god of healing, prophesy, disease, music, poetry and song, and archery. He was also a protector of young people and defender of herds and flocks. He was the son of Leto and Zeus, ruler of Mount Olympus, and had a twin sister, Ar...


The Google Play Store for Android products features Countdown Plus Widgets Lite and Big Days Events Countdown. These apps, along with others, allow the user to create countdowns to important events, some of which display on the smartphone's home screen.


A simple hours, minutes and seconds countdown timer can be used by typing in the desired amount of time and pressing "Set" or "Start," according to Online-Stopwatch. The online timer will usually flash on the screen when it reaches zero or start a beeping alarm. Users s...


Online Stopwatch is an example of a free online program that allows users to access the full utility of a stopwatch, countdown timer or other form of digital clock. The stopwatch can be set and cleared using either the keyboard or its own digital interface which allows ...


Countdown timer clocks are available for download at websites such as CNET, Online-Stopwatch and CountdownKings. All these countdown timers are free to download.