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In Greek mythology, Apollo was a Olympian god of healing, prophesy, disease, music, poetry and song, and archery. He was also a protector of young people and defender of herds and flocks. He was the son of Leto and Zeus, ruler of Mount Olympus, and had a twin sister, Ar...


Apollo was one of the 12 Olympian Gods to reside on Mt. Olympus, according to Greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus, who was considered king of the Greek gods.


Fully fueled, the Saturn V rocket used during the Apollo 11 mission weighed 6.2 million pounds, of which 4.7 million pounds consisted of fuel alone. According to NASA, the Saturn V generated enough thrust to lift a 50-ton payload to the Moon.


The cost of the Apollo 11 mission was $355 million, which works out to well over $1.3 billion in 1994 dollars. Of this sum, $220 million went toward the construction of the spacecraft and its equipment.


To record audio on a PC, use the Windows built-in voice-recording software called Sound Recorder; access it through the Start menu. To use this feature, the computer that'll be used for recording must have a sound card, or an audio card and speakers installed; otherwise...


As of 2015, shoppers can no longer purchase new Apollo heating systems. These hydroheating systems were installed in homes during the 1990s and later, and HVAC companies such as Advantage Heating and Cooling in Vancouver, Washington service them and provide homeowners w...


Space travel requires a lot of research and preparation, and by the time the Apollo program wrapped up in the 1970s, its total cost was about $30 billion, which would be well more than $100 billion dollars in 2015 money. This total cost reflects work that took place ove...