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The racing line is the quickest route to drive any corner – it has three stages, turn in, apex and exit which we’ll examine in detail. This special two part article explains how to recognise the line, and drive any corner like a pro.


In motorsport, the racing line or simply "the line" is the optimal path around a race course. In most cases, the line makes use of the entire width of the track to lengthen the radius of a turn: entering at the outside edge, touching the "apex"—a point on the inside edge—then exiting the turn by returning outside.


Determine the apex of the corner. The apex is the point on the corner that the racing line needs to run through for best effect. The apex of a corner is the point in the turn where the corner transitions from forcing the car into the turn to opening out to allow the car to complete the turning motion and resume a straight course.


Turn 4 and 5 are close together and to execute 5 correctly, we need to sacrifice a little at 4. The turn-in point for 4 is to the far left and almost into the turn. We take a very late apex and exit the turn from the right side across the apex of 5 on the left allowing the car to drift over to the right side of the track heading to turn 6.


What is the racing line? Why is it important to hit the apex? The racing line attempts to make the largest diameter turning radius in order to minimize lateral g's on the vehicle, thus allowing ...


How to drive the perfect racing line is a fundamental driving theory we need to master before we can be fast on circuit. From the braking point, through turn-in, apex (clipping point) and exit, the racing line is critical to lap time.


The ideal apex, as shown by the green line, is a good balance between a fast entry and a fast exit. The turn is started from the outside edge of the track and the car hits the midpoint of the turn on the inside edge. Finally, one tracks-out to the outside edge of the track for a fairly fast exit.


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The track is downhill to turn 3 so we accelerate quickly to high speed while moving to the right side of the track. Brake hard before the turn-in point at 3, downshift to 3rd gear, jog left across the apex while accelerating and staying wide (left) preparing for turn 2. The track distance here is very short! Brake hard and downshift to 2nd gear.


While the geometric racing line is faster than the natural line of the road, there is still a faster technique for most corners. The technique is called using a late apex. By delaying the turn-in point, and beginning the turn with a slightly sharper bend, the car can be aimed to apex later than the geometric apex point.