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To locate short-term furnished apartments for rent, visit accommodation rental specialist sites, such as Sublet.com, Execustay.com or the accommodation section of CraigsList.com. Alternatively, vacation rental sites such as AirBnB.com and VRBO.com feature a range of fur...


There are several ways for people to find apartments for rent, which include, utilizing online search tools and searching through local paper publications. Apartments can also be located by asking for recommendations from family and friends.


Effective ways to find short-term lease apartments include getting in touch with real estate companies, contacting vacation rental home companies, and considering corporate housing, notes SFGate. A person can also check local colleges and universities to see if there ar...


Renters can search for low-rent apartments through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website and online listings by Apartment Guide. The HUD website supplies an online, state-by-state search of low-rent apartments with options available for individual...


To find cheap apartments for rent, search online on sites such as Craigslist.org for local properties available for rent. Narrow the list to a few suitable apartments, and conduct price comparisons to find the best deal, advises MarketWatch.


You can find an in-law apartment by searching for on renting classifieds sites such as Trovit.com and Craigslist.org. Some travel sites, such as TripAdvisor.com, also allow you to rent in-law apartments for short term stays during travel.


People who are low-income earners can apply either for a low-rent apartment or public housing, or can receive a voucher to pay for part or all of their rent. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, provides this assistance, along with other state a...